dataenc-0.10.2: Data encoding library



Uuencoding module.

Uuencoding is notoriously badly specified. This implementation is compatible with the GNU Sharutils (



encode :: [Word8] -> StringSource

Encode data.

decode :: String -> Maybe [Word8]Source

Decode data (strict).

decode' :: String -> [Maybe Word8]Source

Decode data (lazy).



:: Int

length (1 < n <= 65, not checked)

-> String 
-> [String] 

Chop up a string in parts. Each string in the resulting list is prepended with the length according to the uuencode "specificiation".


  • The length of the strings in the result will be (n -1) div 4 * 4. The -1 comes from the need to prepend the length. Keeping it to a multiple of 4 means that strings returned from encode can be chopped without requiring any changes.
  • The length of lines in GNU's sharutils is 61.

unchop :: [String] -> StringSource

Concatenate the strings into one long string. Each string is assumed to be prepended with the length according to the uuencode specification.