dawg-0.8: Directed acyclic word graphs

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A vector representation of a transition map. Memory efficient, but the insert operation is O(n) with respect to the number of transitions. In particular, complexity of the insert operation can make the construction of a large-alphabet dictionary intractable.



data Trans Source

A vector of distinct key/value pairs strictly ascending with respect to key values.


Eq Trans 
Ord Trans 
Show Trans 
Binary Trans 
Trans Trans 
Eq (Hashed Trans) 
Ord (Hashed Trans) 
(Eq a, Eq b, Unbox a) => Eq (Node Trans a b) 
(Eq (Node Trans a b), Ord a, Ord b, Unbox a) => Ord (Node Trans a b) 
(Eq b, Eq c, Unbox b) => Eq (DAWG Trans a b c) 
(Eq (DAWG Trans a b c), Ord b, Ord c, Unbox b) => Ord (DAWG Trans a b c)