debian-3.69: Modules for working with the Debian package system

Safe HaskellNone



Functions for dealing with source and binary packages in an abstract-way



packageNameMap :: (a -> BinPkgName) -> [a] -> PackageNameMap aSource

packageNameMap creates a map from a package name to all the versions of that package NOTE: Provides are not included in the map NOTE: the sort order is random -- this is perhaps a bug see also: addProvides

addProvides :: (p -> [BinPkgName]) -> [p] -> PackageNameMap p -> PackageNameMap pSource

addProvides finds packages that Provide other packages and adds them to the PackageNameMap. They will be adde to the end of the list, so that real packages have 'higher priority' than virtual packages. NOTE: Does not check for duplication or multiple use

findProvides :: forall p. (p -> [BinPkgName]) -> [p] -> [(BinPkgName, p)]Source

lookupPackageByRel :: PackageNameMap a -> (a -> (BinPkgName, DebianVersion)) -> Relation -> [a]Source

lookupPackageByRel returns all the packages that satisfy the specified relation TODO: Add architecture check