debian-3.70.1: Modules for working with the Debian package system

Safe HaskellNone




class ParseRelations a whereSource


parseRelations :: a -> Either ParseError RelationsSource

parseRelations parse a debian relation (i.e. the value of a Depends field). Return a parsec error or a value of type Relations

prettyRelations :: [[Relation]] -> DocSource

This needs to be indented for use in a control file: intercalate n . lines . show

data VersionReq Source


Eq VersionReq 
Ord VersionReq

The sort order is based on version number first, then on the kind of relation, sorting in the order <= , ==,= , >>

Show VersionReq 
Pretty VersionReq 

checkVersionReq :: Maybe VersionReq -> Maybe DebianVersion -> BoolSource

Check if a version number satisfies a version requirement.