debian-3.85: Modules for working with the Debian package system

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




newtype PP a Source

This type is wrapped around values before we pretty print them so we can write our own Pretty instances for common types without polluting the name space of clients of this package with instances they don't want.




unPP :: a


Functor PP 
Pretty (PP [DebSource]) 
Pretty (PP [ChangeLogEntry]) 
Pretty (PP String) 
Pretty (PP a) => Pretty (PP (Maybe a)) 
Pretty (PP Text) 
Pretty (PP DebianVersion) 
Pretty (PP DebSource) 
Pretty (PP SourceType) 
(ControlFunctions a, Pretty (PP a)) => Pretty (PP (Field' a)) 
(ControlFunctions a, Pretty (PP a)) => Pretty (PP (Paragraph' a)) 
(ControlFunctions a, Pretty (PP a)) => Pretty (PP (Control' a))

This may have bad performance issues (dsf: Whoever wrote this comment should have explained why.)

Pretty (PP ChangeLog) 
Pretty (PP ChangeLogEntry) 
Pretty (PP ChangedFileSpec) 
Pretty (PP ChangesFile) 
Pretty (PP VersionReq) 
Pretty (PP ArchitectureReq) 
Pretty (PP BinPkgName) 
Pretty (PP SrcPkgName) 
Pretty (PP Relation) 
Pretty (PP OrRelation) 
Pretty (PP Relations)

Wrap PP around type synonyms that might overlap with the `Pretty [a]` instance.

display' :: Pretty a => a -> Text Source

ppPrint :: Pretty (PP a) => a -> Doc Source

ppDisplay' :: Pretty (PP a) => a -> Text Source