derive-0.1.2: A program and library to derive instances for data typesSource codeContentsIndex
Convienience re-exports

The main TH driver module. It is intended that this need be the only module imported by user code; it takes care of all data threading issues such that all one needs to do is:

   data Foo = Foo ; $( derive makeEq ''Foo )
derive :: Derivation -> Name -> Q [Dec]
data Derivation
module Data.Derive.All
_derive_string_instance :: Derivation -> Name -> Q Exp
derive :: Derivation -> Name -> Q [Dec]Source
Derive an instance of some class. derive only derives instances for the type of the argument.
Convienience re-exports
data Derivation Source
The type of ways to derive classes. Should not really be in this module!
module Data.Derive.All
_derive_string_instance :: Derivation -> Name -> Q ExpSource
Derive for a type and print the code to standard output. This is a internal hook for the use of the Derive executable.
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