diagrams-core-0.1.1: Core libraries for diagrams EDSL





Graphics.Rendering.Diagrams defines the core library of primitives forming the basis of an embedded domain-specific language for describing and rendering diagrams.

The Transform module defines generic transformations parameterized by any vector space.



Invertible linear transformations

data u :-: v Source

(v1 :-: v2) is a linear map paired with its inverse.


(u :-* v) :-: (v :-* u) 


HasLinearMap v => Monoid (:-: v v)

Invertible linear maps from a vector space to itself form a monoid under composition.

(<->) :: (HasLinearMap u, HasLinearMap v) => (u -> v) -> (v -> u) -> u :-: vSource

Create an invertible linear map from two functions which are assumed to be linear inverses.

linv :: (u :-: v) -> v :-: uSource

Invert a linear map.

lapp :: (VectorSpace v, Scalar u ~ Scalar v, HasLinearMap u) => (u :-: v) -> u -> vSource

Apply a linear map to a vector.

General transformations

data Transformation v Source

General (affine) transformations, represented by an invertible linear map, its transpose, and a vector representing a translation component.


Transformation (v :-: v) (v :-: v) v 


HasLinearMap v => Monoid (Transformation v)

Transformations are closed under composition; t1 t2 is the transformation which performs first t2, then t1.

(v ~ V a, HasLinearMap v, Transformable a) => Action (Transformation v) a

Transformations can act on transformable things.

inv :: HasLinearMap v => Transformation v -> Transformation vSource

Invert a transformation.

transp :: Transformation v -> v :-: vSource

Get the transpose of a transformation (ignoring the translation component).

transl :: Transformation v -> vSource

Get the translational component of a transformation.

apply :: HasLinearMap v => Transformation v -> v -> vSource

Apply a transformation to a vector. Note that any translational component of the transformation will not affect the vector, since vectors are invariant under translation.

papply :: HasLinearMap v => Transformation v -> Point v -> Point vSource

Apply a transformation to a point.

fromLinear :: AdditiveGroup v => (v :-: v) -> (v :-: v) -> Transformation vSource

Create a general affine transformation from an invertible linear transformation and its transpose. The translational component is assumed to be zero.

The Transformable class

class (HasBasis v, HasTrie (Basis v), VectorSpace v) => HasLinearMap v Source

HasLinearMap is a poor man's class constraint synonym, just to help shorten some of the ridiculously long constraint sets.


class HasLinearMap (V t) => Transformable t whereSource

Type class for things t which can be transformed.


transform :: Transformation (V t) -> t -> tSource

Apply a transformation to an object.


Transformable t => Transformable [t] 
(Transformable t, Ord t) => Transformable (Set t) 
HasLinearMap v => Transformable (Point v) 
HasLinearMap v => Transformable (NameMap v) 
(HasLinearMap v, InnerSpace v, Floating (Scalar v), AdditiveGroup (Scalar v)) => Transformable (Bounds v) 
HasLinearMap v => Transformable (NullPrim v) 
Transformable t => Transformable (Map k t) 
HasLinearMap v => Transformable (Query v m) 
HasLinearMap v => Transformable (Prim b v)

The Transformable instance for Prim just pushes calls to transform down through the Prim constructor.

(HasLinearMap v, OrderedField (Scalar v), InnerSpace v, Monoid m) => Transformable (AnnDiagram b v m)

Diagrams can be transformed by transforming each of their components appropriately.

Vector space independent transformations

Most transformations are specific to a particular vector space, but a few can be defined generically over any vector space.

translation :: HasLinearMap v => v -> Transformation vSource

Create a translation.

translate :: (Transformable t, HasLinearMap (V t)) => V t -> t -> tSource

Translate by a vector.

scaling :: (HasLinearMap v, Fractional (Scalar v)) => Scalar v -> Transformation vSource

Create a uniform scaling transformation.

scale :: (Transformable t, Fractional (Scalar (V t))) => Scalar (V t) -> t -> tSource

Scale uniformly in every dimension by the given scalar.