diagrams-postscript- Postscript backend for diagrams drawing EDSL

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A Postscript rendering backend for diagrams.

To build diagrams for Postscript rendering use the Postscript type in the diagram type construction

 d :: Diagram Postscript R2
 d = ...

and render giving the Postscript token

 renderDia Postscript (PostscriptOptions "file.eps" (Width 400) EPS) d

This IO action will write the specified file.


Backend token

Postscript-specific options

Unfortunately, Haddock does not yet support documentation for associated data families, so we must just provide it manually. This module defines

 data family Options Postscript R2 = PostscriptOptions
           { psfileName     :: String       -- ^ the name of the file you want generated
           , psSizeSpec     :: SizeSpec2D   -- ^ the requested size of the output
           , psOutputFormat :: OutputFormat -- ^ the output format and associated options

data family Options b1 v1

Backend-specific rendering options.

Postscript-supported output formats

data OutputFormat Source

Postscript only supports EPS style output at the moment. Future formats would each have their own associated properties that affect the output.



Encapsulated Postscript output.