dobutokO-poetry-general- Helps to order the 7 or less words (first of all the Ukrainian ones) to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text

Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2020
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Helps to order the 7 or less words (or their concatenations) to obtain (to some extent) suitable for poetry or music text.



uniquenessVariants2GN :: Vector ([Int] -> Int) -> (String -> [Int]) -> String -> Vector ([Int], Vector Int, String) Source #

Given a String consisting of no more than 7 words [some of them can be created by concatenation with preserving the pronunciation of the parts, e. g. "так як" (actually two correct Ukrainian words and a single conjunction) can be written "такйак" (one phonetical Ukrainian word transformed literally with preserving phonetical structure), if you would not like to treat them separately], it returns a Vector of possible combinations without repeating of the words in different order and for each of them appends also the information about "uniqueness periods" (see uniqueness-periods-general and uniqueness-periods packages) to it and finds out three different metrics -- named "norms".

Afterwards, depending on these norms some phonetical properties of the words can be specified that allow to use them poetically or to create a varied melody with them.

uniquenessVariants2GNP :: String -> String -> Vector ([Int] -> Int) -> (String -> [Int]) -> String -> Vector ([Int], Vector Int, String) Source #

Generalized variant of uniquenessVariants2GN with prepending and appending String (given as the first and the second argument).

preAppend :: [a] -> [[a]] -> [[a]] -> [[a]] Source #