dph-prim-par- Data Parallel Haskell segmented arrays. (production version)

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Gang primitives.



data Gang Source

A Gang is a group of threads which execute arbitrary work requests.


seqGang :: Gang -> GangSource

A sequential gang has no threads.

forkGang :: Int -> IO GangSource

Fork a Gang with the given number of threads (at least 1).

gangSize :: Gang -> IntSource

O(1). Yield the number of threads in the Gang.

gangIO :: Gang -> (Int -> IO ()) -> IO ()Source

Issue work requests for the Gang and wait until they have been executed. If the gang is already busy then just run the action in the requesting thread.

gangST :: Gang -> (Int -> ST s ()) -> ST s ()Source

Same as gangIO but in the ST monad.

traceGang :: String -> IO ()Source

Emit a GHC event for debugging.

traceGangST :: String -> ST s ()Source

Emit a GHC event for debugging, in the ST monad.