eve-0.1.2: An extensible event framework

Safe HaskellNone




eve :: (MonadIO m, Typeable m) => AppT AppState m () -> m AppState Source #

This runs your application. It accepts an initialization block (which is the same as any other App or Action block, which registers event listeners and event providers. Note that nothing in this block should use dispatchEvent since it is possible that not all listeners have yet been registered. You can use the afterInit trigger to dispatch any events you'd like to run at start-up.

It is polymorphic in the Monad it operates over, so you may use it with any custom base monad which implements MonadIO.

If you don't need this functionality; the easiest way to get started is to simply cally it like so:

import Eve

initialize = App ()
initialize = do
  addListener ...

startApp :: IO ()
startApp = eve_ initialize

eve_ :: (MonadIO m, Typeable m) => AppT AppState m () -> m () Source #

eve with '()' as its return value.