extcore-0.9.2: Libraries for processing GHC Core




data PrintOpts Source

Options controlling the printing of external core.




decodeNames :: Bool

Whether to decode names into their recognisable form, i.e. Data.List.nub instead of DataziListzinub.

ignoreQuals :: Bool

Whether to ignore module names on fully qualified names, i.e. nub instead of Data.List.nub.

ignoreKinds :: Bool

Whether to ignore kinds when printing out.

ignoreTypeBinds :: Bool

Whether to ignore type annotations when printing out.

ignoreDicts :: Bool

Whether to ignore things that look like dictionary parameters (ignores all parameters where the name begins with a dollar sign).

infixOperators :: Bool

Whether to write Haskell operators in infix form, i.e. p + x rather than (+) p x.

defOpts :: PrintOptsSource

The default printing options. Everything is True except ignoreQuals.