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Fs2dot is to help us create a visualisation of an algorithm written in Feldspar by converting its graph into dot format -- which can be further processed by the Graphviz suite.
fs2dot :: Program prg => prg -> DOTSource
writeDot :: Program prg => FilePath -> prg -> IO ()
type DOTSource = String
:: Program prg
=> prgFeldspar function
-> DOTSourceDOT language source
fs2dot takes a Feldspar function as its argument and produces DOT language source.
:: Program prg
=> FilePathoutput filename
-> prgFeldspar function
-> IO ()
writeDot creates a DOT language format source file. Expected arguments are the desired filename and the Feldspar function to be output in DOT language.
type DOTSource = StringSource
This is for clarity.
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