feldspar-language- A functional embedded language for DSP and parallelism



Module Data.TypeLevel.Num.Aliases is re-exported because wrappers use type level numbers frequently



class Wrap t w whereSource

Wrapping Feldspar functions


wrap :: t -> wSource


Wrap (Data a) (Data a)

Basic instances to handle Data a input and output. Other instances are located in the concerned libraries.

Type a => Wrap (Vector (Data a)) (Data [a]) 
Type a => Wrap (Matrix a) (Data [[a]]) 
Wrap t u => Wrap (Data a -> t) (Data a -> u) 
(Wrap t u, Type a, Nat s) => Wrap (DVector a -> t) (Data' s [a] -> u) 
(Wrap t u, Type a, Nat row, Nat col) => Wrap (Matrix a -> t) (Data' (row, col) [[a]] -> u) 

data Data' s a Source

Extended Data to be used in wrappers




unData' :: Data a


EdgeInfo (Data' s a) 
Type a => Syntactic (Data' s a) 
Type a => MultiEdge (Data' s a) Feldspar EdgeSize 
(Wrap t u, Type a, Nat s) => Wrap (DVector a -> t) (Data' s [a] -> u) 
(Wrap t u, Type a, Nat row, Nat col) => Wrap (Matrix a -> t) (Data' (row, col) [[a]] -> u) 

data D0

Decimal digit zero


Show D0 
Typeable D0 
Lift D0 
NatI D0 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D0) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D0) 

data D1

Decimal digit one


Show D1 
Typeable D1 
Lift D1 
NatI D1 
PosI D1 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D1) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D1) 

data D2

Decimal digit two


Show D2 
Typeable D2 
Lift D2 
NatI D2 
PosI D2 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D2) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D2) 

data D3

Decimal digit three


Show D3 
Typeable D3 
Lift D3 
NatI D3 
PosI D3 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D3) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D3) 

data D4

Decimal digit four


Show D4 
Typeable D4 
Lift D4 
NatI D4 
PosI D4 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D4) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D4) 

data D5

Decimal digit five


Show D5 
Typeable D5 
Lift D5 
NatI D5 
PosI D5 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D5) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D5) 

data D6

Decimal digit six


Show D6 
Typeable D6 
Lift D6 
NatI D6 
PosI D6 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D6) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D6) 

data D7

Decimal digit seven


Show D7 
Typeable D7 
Lift D7 
NatI D7 
PosI D7 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D7) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D7) 

data D8

Decimal digit eight


Show D8 
Typeable D8 
Lift D8 
NatI D8 
PosI D8 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D8) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D8) 

data D9

Decimal digit nine


Show D9 
Typeable D9 
Lift D9 
NatI D9 
PosI D9 
PosI x => NatI (:* x D9) 
PosI x => PosI (:* x D9)