ffmpeg-light- Minimal bindings to the FFmpeg library.

Safe HaskellNone




swsReset :: SwsContext -> ImageInfo -> ImageInfo -> SwsAlgorithm -> IO SwsContextSource

Obtain a context for converting the source to destination format. If the given context is already configured for the required conversion, it is returned. Otherwise, the given context is freed and a new, configured context is returned.

class SwsCompatible a whereSource

A common interface required of arguments to swsScale (a higher level wrapper for the sws_scale function from libswscale).


swsPlanes :: a -> (Ptr (Ptr CUChar) -> IO r) -> IO rSource

swsStrides :: a -> (Ptr CInt -> IO r) -> IO rSource

sliceHeight :: a -> (CInt -> IO r) -> IO rSource

withSws :: SwsCompatible a => a -> (Ptr (Ptr CUChar) -> Ptr CInt -> CInt -> IO r) -> IO rSource

Supplies a continuation with all components provided by the SwsCompatible class.

swsScale :: (SwsCompatible src, SwsCompatible dst) => SwsContext -> src -> dst -> IO CIntSource

swsScale ctx src dst scales the entire src image to dst using the previously initialized ctx.