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Generic library for vectors with statically known size. Implementation is based on <> Same functions could be used to work with both ADT based vector like

> data Vec3 a = a a a

Tuples are vectors too:

>>> sum (1,2,3) 6

Vectors which are represented internally by arrays are provided by library. Both boxed and unboxed arrays are supported.

Library is structured as follows:

[@Data.Vector.Fixed@] Generic API. It's suitable for both ADT-based vector like Complex and array-based ones.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Cont@] Continuation based vectors. Internally all functions use them.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Mutable@] Type classes for array-based implementation and API for working with mutable state.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Unboxed@] Unboxed vectors.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Boxed@] Boxed vector which can hold elements of any type.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Storable@] Unboxed vectors of Storable types.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Primitive@] Unboxed vectors based on pritimive package.

[@Data.Vector.Fixed.Monomorphic@] Wrappers for monomorphic vectors


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Dependenciesbase (>=3 && <5), primitive [details]
AuthorAleksey Khudyakov <>
MaintainerAleksey Khudyakov <>
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