frpnow-0.13: Principled practical FRP

Copyright(c) Atze van der Ploeg 2015
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Utility FRPNow functions


Behavior construction

step :: a -> Event (Behavior a) -> Behavior a Source

Start with a constant and then switch

Defined as:

step a s = pure a `switch` s

cstep :: a -> Event x -> a -> Behavior a Source

Start with a constant, and switch to another constant when the event arrives.

Defined as:

 cstep x e y = pure x `switch` (pure y <$ e)

Getting events from behaviors

when :: Behavior Bool -> Behavior (Event ()) Source

Like whenJust but on behaviors of type Bool instead of Maybe.

Gives the event that the input behavior is True

change :: Eq a => Behavior a -> Behavior (Event a) Source

Gives at any point in time the event that the input behavior changes, and the new value of the input behavior.

edge :: Behavior Bool -> Behavior (Event ()) Source

The resulting behavior gives at any point in time, the event that the input behavior next becomes true. I.e. the next event that there is an edge from False to True. If the input behavior is True already, the event gives the time that it is True again, after first being False for a period of time.

Events and their ordering

tryGetEv :: Event a -> Behavior (Maybe a) Source

Convert an event into a behavior that gives Nothing if the event has not occured yet, and Just the value of the event if the event has already occured.

hasOccured :: Event x -> Behavior Bool Source

The resulting behavior states wheter the input event has already occured.

first :: Event a -> Event a -> Behavior (Event a) Source

Gives the first of two events.

If either of the events lies in the future, then the result will be the first of these events. If both events have already occured, the left event is returned.

cmpTime :: Event a -> Event b -> Behavior (Event (EvOrd a b)) Source

Compare the time of two events.

The resulting behavior gives an event, occuring at the same time as the earliest input event, of which the value indicates if the event where simultanious, or if one was earlier.

If at the time of sampling both event lie in the past, then the result is that they are simulatinous.

data EvOrd l r Source

The outcome of a cmpTime: the events occur simultanious, left is earlier or right is earlier.


Simul l r 
LeftEarlier l 
RightEarlier r 

Fold and state

prev :: Eq a => a -> Behavior a -> Behavior (Behavior a) Source

foldB :: Eq a => (b -> a -> b) -> b -> Behavior a -> Behavior (Behavior b) Source

A (left) fold over a behavior.

The inital value of the resulting behavior is f i x where i the initial value given, and x is the current value of the behavior.

sampleUntil :: Eq a => Behavior a -> Event () -> Behavior (Event [a]) Source

When sampled at a point in time t, the behavior gives an event with the list of all values of the input behavior between time t and the time that the argument event occurs (including the value when the event occurs).

Sample behaviors on events

planB :: Event (Behavior a) -> Behavior (Event a) Source

Plan to sample the behavior carried by the event as soon as possible.

If the resulting behavior is sampled after the event occurs, then the behavior carried by the event will be sampled now.

snapshot :: Behavior a -> Event () -> Behavior (Event a) Source

Obtain the value of the behavior at the time the event occurs

If the event has already occured when sampling the resulting behavior, we sample not the past, but the current value of the input behavior.

(<@>) :: Behavior (a -> b) -> Event a -> Behavior (Event b) Source

Like snapshot, but feeds the result of the event to the value of the given behavior at that time.

Type classes for uniform interface

class Monad b => Plan b where Source

A type class to unifying planNow and planB


plan :: Event (b a) -> b (Event a) Source


class Monad n => Sample n where Source

A type class for behavior-like monads, such Now and the monads from Control.FRPNow.BehaviorEnd


sample :: Behavior a -> n a Source


Sample Now 
Sample Behavior 
(Swap b e, Sample b) => Sample ((:.) b e) 


traceChanges :: (Eq a, Show a) => String -> Behavior a -> Now () Source

A debug function, prints all values of the behavior to stderr, prepended with the given string.