funcons-tools- A modular interpreter for executing funcons

Safe HaskellNone



This module exports smart constructors for building funcon terms from a large collections of funcons. Module Funcons.EDSL can be used to construct funcons. Module Funcons.Tools provides functions for creating executables.

Apologies for the disorganisation of this file, most of its exports exports have been generated.

If a funcon is called 'handle-thrown', its smart constructor is called handle_thrown_ (hyphens replaced by underscores and an additional underscore at the end). Each smart constructors has a single argument, a list (of type ([Funcons]) representing the actual arguments of a funcon application. For example, the funcon 'integer-add' can be applied to an arbitrary number of (integer) arguments, e.g. integer_add_ [int_ 3, int_ 4, int_ 5].



int_ :: Int -> Funcons Source #

Creates an integer literal.

nat_ :: Int -> Funcons Source #

Creates a natural literal.

map_unite_ :: [Funcons] -> Funcons Source #

Computes the union over a sequence of maps. If the maps do not have disjoint domains a failure signal is raised.