gang-of-threads-3.2.1: Non-deterministic parallelism with bags

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Task implementations Interruptible and TaskIO. These can be use by some of the bag of tasks interfaces such as Control.Concurrent.Bag.Implicit and Control.Concurrent.Bag.ImplicitConcurrent.



data TaskIO r a Source

A monad in which tasks can be specified. Task is instancing MonadIO and it therefore has the function liftIO to perform arbitrary IO actions. Tasks may or may not return a value. If it returns a value, this value is written back as a result. Additionally there is a function addTask to add new tasks to the bag. The parameter r is the result type of the corresponding bag. In contrast to Interruptible the evaluation order is simililar to that of the IO monad and tasks added by addTaskIO are added immediately.




:: TaskIO r (Maybe r)

The task to be run

-> AddTask r

Function to add a new task

-> WriteResult r

Function to write back a result

-> IO (Maybe r)

Returns a value if the task did

Run a task as an IO action.

addTaskIO :: TaskIO r (Maybe r) -> TaskIO r ()Source

Add a task to the bag of tasks from another task. The task will be added immediately.

writeResult :: r -> TaskIO r ()Source

Write back a result from a task.

data Interruptible r Source

A type to specify interruptible tasks. Interruptible tasks are tasks that can be interrupted and resumed later. Basically this means that the evaluating thread may be killed in between. Side-effects in this code are not allowed, and therefore all interrupted tasks have to be pure functional in contrast to TaskIO tasks. Otherwise this is similar to TaskIO.

runInterrupted :: Interruptible r -> TaskIO r (Maybe r)Source

Run the given interruptible task with interruptions.

Note: When using this function, it may be possible that some tasks are never completed, because the time to produce an intermediate result is longer than the interruption frequency.

runInterruptible :: Interruptible r -> TaskIO r (Maybe r)Source

Run the given interruptible task.

Run with this function, the task will not be interrupted.

type WriteResult r = r -> IO ()Source

Function to write back a result.

type AddTask r = IO (Maybe r) -> IO ()Source

Function to add a task to the bag of tasks.