ghc-mod-2.1.0: Happy Haskell Programming

Safe HaskellNone




Low level access to the ghc-mod library.


Low level access

type LogReader = IO [String]Source

A means to read the log

type GHCOption = StringSource

A single GHC option, as it would appear on the command line

initializeFlagsWithCradle :: GhcMonad m => Options -> Cradle -> [GHCOption] -> Bool -> m LogReaderSource

Initialize the DynFlags relating to the compilation of a single file or GHC session according to the Cradle and Options provided.

setTargetFile :: GhcMonad m => String -> m ()Source

Set the file that GHC will load / compile

checkSlowAndSet :: GhcMonad m => m ()Source

To check TH, a session module graph is necessary. load sets a session module graph using depanal. But we have to set -fno-code to DynFlags before load. So, this is necessary redundancy.

getDynamicFlags :: IO DynFlagsSource

Return the DynFlags currently in use in the GHC session