gi-gstaudio-1.0.23: GStreamerAudio bindings
CopyrightWill Thompson Iñaki García Etxebarria and Jonas Platte
MaintainerIñaki García Etxebarria
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



An implementation of GstPad that can be used with AudioAggregator.

See AudioAggregator for more details.

Since: 1.14


Exported types

newtype AudioAggregatorConvertPad Source #

Memory-managed wrapper type.

class (GObject o, IsDescendantOf AudioAggregatorConvertPad o) => IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o Source #

Type class for types which can be safely cast to AudioAggregatorConvertPad, for instance with toAudioAggregatorConvertPad.


Instances details
(GObject o, IsDescendantOf AudioAggregatorConvertPad o) => IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o Source # 
Instance details

Defined in GI.GstAudio.Objects.AudioAggregatorConvertPad

toAudioAggregatorConvertPad :: (MonadIO m, IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o) => o -> m AudioAggregatorConvertPad Source #

Cast to AudioAggregatorConvertPad, for types for which this is known to be safe. For general casts, use castTo.


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activateMode, addControlBinding, addProbe, bindProperty, bindPropertyFull, canLink, chain, chainList, checkReconfigure, createStreamId, defaultError, dropBuffer, eventDefault, forceFloating, forward, freezeNotify, getv, hasActiveControlBindings, hasAncestor, hasAsAncestor, hasAsParent, hasBuffer, hasCurrentCaps, isActive, isBlocked, isBlocking, isEos, isFloating, isLinked, iterateInternalLinks, iterateInternalLinksDefault, link, linkFull, linkMaybeGhosting, linkMaybeGhostingFull, markReconfigure, needsReconfigure, notify, notifyByPspec, pauseTask, peekBuffer, peerQuery, peerQueryAcceptCaps, peerQueryCaps, peerQueryConvert, peerQueryDuration, peerQueryPosition, popBuffer, proxyQueryAcceptCaps, proxyQueryCaps, pullRange, push, pushEvent, pushList, query, queryAcceptCaps, queryCaps, queryConvert, queryDefault, queryDuration, queryPosition, ref, refSink, removeControlBinding, removeProbe, runDispose, sendEvent, startTask, stealData, stealQdata, stickyEventsForeach, stopTask, storeStickyEvent, suggestNextSync, syncValues, thawNotify, unlink, unparent, unref, useFixedCaps, watchClosure.


getAllowedCaps, getControlBinding, getControlRate, getCurrentCaps, getData, getDirection, getElementPrivate, getGValueArray, getLastFlowReturn, getName, getOffset, getPadTemplate, getPadTemplateCaps, getParent, getParentElement, getPathString, getPeer, getProperty, getQdata, getRange, getSingleInternalLink, getStickyEvent, getStream, getStreamId, getTaskState, getValue.


setActivateFunctionFull, setActivatemodeFunctionFull, setActive, setChainFunctionFull, setChainListFunctionFull, setControlBindingDisabled, setControlBindingsDisabled, setControlRate, setData, setDataFull, setElementPrivate, setEventFullFunctionFull, setEventFunctionFull, setGetrangeFunctionFull, setIterateInternalLinksFunctionFull, setLinkFunctionFull, setName, setOffset, setParent, setProperty, setQueryFunctionFull, setUnlinkFunctionFull.



No description available in the introspection data.

clearAudioAggregatorConvertPadConverterConfig :: (MonadIO m, IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o) => o -> m () Source #

Set the value of the “converter-config” property to Nothing. When overloading is enabled, this is equivalent to

clear #converterConfig

constructAudioAggregatorConvertPadConverterConfig :: (IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o, MonadIO m) => Structure -> m (GValueConstruct o) Source #

Construct a GValueConstruct with valid value for the “converter-config” property. This is rarely needed directly, but it is used by new.

getAudioAggregatorConvertPadConverterConfig :: (MonadIO m, IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o) => o -> m (Maybe Structure) Source #

Get the value of the “converter-config” property. When overloading is enabled, this is equivalent to

get audioAggregatorConvertPad #converterConfig

setAudioAggregatorConvertPadConverterConfig :: (MonadIO m, IsAudioAggregatorConvertPad o) => o -> Structure -> m () Source #

Set the value of the “converter-config” property. When overloading is enabled, this is equivalent to

set audioAggregatorConvertPad [ #converterConfig := value ]