git-vogue- A framework for pre-commit checks.

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Common helpers for git vogue plugins



outputGood :: MonadIO m => String -> m () Source #

The check went or is going well, this should make the developer happy

outputUnfortunate :: MonadIO m => String -> m () Source #

A non-fatal warning of some sort. The developer should be able to ignore this.

outputBad :: MonadIO m => String -> m () Source #

If any of these appear, you should probably be exploding and the developer will be sad.

lineWrap :: Int -> String -> String Source #

Convenience for line wrapping long lines.

FilePath handling

hsProjects Source #


:: [FilePath]

Files to be checked

-> [FilePath]

All files

-> Map FilePath [FilePath] 

Find .cabal files in hsFiles and arrange children underneath these "headings".

forProjects :: (MonadIO m, Applicative m) => Map FilePath [FilePath] -> ([FilePath] -> m a) -> m (Map FilePath a) Source #

For the given projects, perform the supplied action on each given relative URLS and having set the current directory to the project.

This will also take care of printing out a "Checking project in: " message.

Command line parsing

getPluginCommand :: String -> String -> IO PluginCommand Source #

Get the plugin command requested given a header and a description

pureSubCommand :: String -> a -> String -> Mod CommandFields a Source #

Sub-command helper

data PluginCommand Source #

Arguments to the plugin


CmdCheck FilePath FilePath

Check the project for problems.

CmdFix FilePath FilePath

Fix problems in the project.


Report details.


forWithKey_ :: Applicative f => Map k v -> (k -> v -> f ()) -> f () Source #

Helper for traversing a Map with keys

forWithKey :: Applicative f => Map k v -> (k -> v -> f a) -> f (Map k a) Source #