gl-0.7.5: Complete OpenGL raw bindings

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Extension Support

gl_EXT_vertex_weighting :: Bool Source

Checks that the GL_EXT_vertex_weighting extension is available.


glVertexWeightPointerEXT :: MonadIO m => GLint -> GLenum -> GLsizei -> Ptr () -> m () Source

Usage: glVertexWeightPointerEXT size type stride pointer

The parameter type is a VertexWeightPointerTypeEXT.

The length of pointer should be COMPSIZE(type,stride).

glVertexWeightfEXT :: MonadIO m => GLfloat -> m () Source

Usage: glVertexWeightfEXT weight

The vector equivalent of this command is glVertexWeightfvEXT.

glVertexWeightfvEXT :: MonadIO m => Ptr GLfloat -> m () Source

Usage: glVertexWeightfvEXT weight

The length of weight should be 1.

pattern GL_CURRENT_VERTEX_WEIGHT_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source

pattern GL_MODELVIEW0_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source

pattern GL_MODELVIEW0_MATRIX_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source

pattern GL_MODELVIEW1_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source

pattern GL_MODELVIEW1_MATRIX_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source

pattern GL_VERTEX_WEIGHTING_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source

pattern GL_VERTEX_WEIGHT_ARRAY_EXT :: (Num a, Eq a) => a Source