gloss- Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations.

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Functions to load bitmap data from various places.



data BitmapData :: *

Abstract 32-bit RGBA bitmap data.

bitmapOfForeignPtr :: Int -> Int -> ForeignPtr Word8 -> Bool -> Picture

O(1). Use a ForeignPtr of RGBA data as a bitmap with the given width and height.

bitmapOfByteString :: Int -> Int -> ByteString -> Bool -> Picture

O(size). Copy a ByteString of RGBA data into a bitmap with the given width and height.

The boolean flag controls whether Gloss should cache the data between frames for speed. If you are programatically generating the image for each frame then use False. If you have loaded it from a file then use True.

bitmapOfBMP :: BMP -> Picture

O(size). Copy a BMP file into a bitmap.

loadBMP :: FilePath -> IO Picture

Load an uncompressed 24 or 32bit RGBA BMP file as a bitmap.