gridbox- A grid box model

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Grid compression



type Length = Int Source #

Length of a compressed col

type CompressedGrid = [CompressedRow] Source #

Compressed grid

type CompressedRow = (BoxRow, CompressedCols) Source #

Compressed row

type CompressedCols = [CompressedCol] Source #

Compressed cols

type CompressedCol = (BoxCol, Length) Source #

Compressed col

compressBoxes :: [Box] -> CompressedGrid Source #

Compress boxes

fromCols :: [BoxCol] -> CompressedCols Source #

Convert list of box cols to compressed cols with length = 1

mergeCols :: CompressedCols -> CompressedCols Source #

Merge cols that have neighbours. Each col a and b is merged to c. The index of c is the index of a and the length of c is the sum of length a and b.