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wrapRNG :: RNG -> IO WrappedRNG
newWrappedRNG :: RNGType -> IO WrappedRNG
data WrappedRNG
wrapRNG :: RNG -> IO WrappedRNGSource
newWrappedRNG :: RNGType -> IO WrappedRNGSource
data WrappedRNG Source
RNGs may not produce random words in the full range of Word64. Therefore, getRandomWordFrom requires that the range of the generator be checked, and if it does not produce the full range, multiple samples will be taken to produce a suitable Word64. The triage part will be done every time if sampling from a raw RNG. Using WrappedRNG allows that triage to be done ahead of time, speeding up sampling integral values at the expense of an unwrap when sampling Doubles.
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