gtksourceview2-0.11.1: Binding to the GtkSourceView library.

Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)






sourceBufferCreateSourceMark :: SourceBuffer -> Maybe String -> String -> TextIter -> IO SourceMarkSource

Creates a marker in the buffer of the given type.

  • A marker is semantically very similar to a Graphics.UI.Gtk.Multiline.TextMark, except it has a type which is used by the SourceView displaying the buffer to show a pixmap on the left margin, at the line the marker is in. Because of this, a marker is generally associated to a line and not a character position. Markers are also accessible through a position or range in the buffer.
  • Markers are implemented using Graphics.UI.Gtk.Multiline.TextMark, so all characteristics and restrictions to marks apply to markers too. These includes life cycle issues and Graphics.UI.Gtk.Multiline.TextMark.onMarkSet and Graphics.UI.Gtk.Multiline.TextMark.onMarkDeleted signal emissions.
  • Like a Graphics.UI.Gtk.Multiline.TextMark, a SourceMarker can be anonymous if the passed name is Nothing. Also, the buffer owns the markers so you shouldn't unreference it.