gtksourceview2- Binding to the GtkSourceView library.
Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellNone




Adds extra useful methods for TextIter for searching forwards and backwards within a region in the buffer and matching brackets.

  • There is no SourceIter object, just extra methods for TextIter




sourceIterForwardSearch :: GlibString string => TextIter -> string -> [SourceSearchFlags] -> Maybe TextIter -> IO (Maybe (TextIter, TextIter)) Source #

Searches forward for str. Any match is returned by setting matchStart to the first character of the match and matchEnd to the first character after the match. The search will not continue past limit. Note that a search is a linear or O(n) operation, so you may wish to use limit to avoid locking up your UI on large buffers.

If the SourceSearchVisibleOnly flag is present, the match may have invisible text interspersed in str. i.e. str will be a possibly-noncontiguous subsequence of the matched range. similarly, if you specify SourceSearchTextOnly, the match may have pixbufs or child widgets mixed inside the matched range. If these flags are not given, the match must be exact; the special 0xFFFC character in str will match embedded pixbufs or child widgets. If you specify the SourceSearchCaseInsensitive flag, the text will be matched regardless of what case it is in.

Same as textIterForwardSearch, but supports case insensitive searching.

sourceIterBackwardSearch :: GlibString string => TextIter -> string -> [SourceSearchFlags] -> Maybe TextIter -> IO (Maybe (TextIter, TextIter)) Source #

same as textIterForwardSearch but allows case insensitive search and possibly in the future regular expressions.