hArduino-1.1: Control your Arduino board from Haskell.

Copyright(c) Levent Erkok
Safe HaskellNone



Simple number guessing game on the OSEPP Keyboard shield.

Thanks to David Palmer for lending me his OSEPP shield to play with!



osepp :: LCDController Source

The OSepp LCD Shield is a 16x2 LCD using a Hitachi Controller Furthermore, it has backlight, and 5 buttons. The hook-up is quite straightforward, using our existing Hitachi44780 controller as an example. More information on this shield can be found at:


data Key Source

There are 5 keys on the OSepp shield.

initOSepp :: Arduino (LCD, Bool -> Arduino (), Arduino (Maybe Key)) Source

Initialize the shield. This is essentially simply registering the lcd with the HArduino library. In addition, we return two values to the user:

  • A function to control the back-light
  • A function to read (if any) key-pressed

numGuess :: LCD -> (Bool -> Arduino ()) -> Arduino (Maybe Key) -> Arduino () Source

Number guessing game, as a simple LCD demo. User thinks of a number between 0 and 1000, and the Arduino guesses it.

guessGame :: IO () Source

Entry to the classing number guessing game. Simply initialize the shield and call our game function.