hPDB- Protein Databank file format library

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Module contains enumeration of helix types, and auxiliary functions for converting these into PDB CLASS codes.



data HelixT Source

Enumeration of helix types

PDB Class number in columns 39-40 for each type of helix in HELIX record:

  1. Right-handed alpha (default, most common)
  2. Right-handed omega
  3. Right-handed pi
  4. Right-handed gamma
  5. Right-handed 3 - 10
  6. Left-handed alpha
  7. Left-handed omega
  8. Left-handed gamma
  9. 2 - 7 ribbon/helix
  10. Polyproline

helix2code :: Num a => HelixT -> a Source

helix2code converts a HelixT enumeration into an PDB CLASS code.

code2helix :: (Eq a, Num a) => a -> HelixT Source

helix2code converts an PDB CLASS code into a HelixT enumeration.