hake-1.3.4: make tool. ruby : rake = haskell : hake




type Rule = (Targets, Sources, Commands)Source

hake :: [Rule] -> IO ()Source

The hake function take rules as argument and get target from command line and make target.

base :: Targets -> Sources -> (String -> [String] -> MadeFromList -> Bool -> IO ExitCode) -> RuleSource

setCmd :: Rule -> (String -> [String] -> MadeFromList -> IO ExitCode) -> RuleSource

isSuffixOf :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> Bool

The isSuffixOf function takes two lists and returns True iff the first list is a suffix of the second. Both lists must be finite.

data ExitCode



indicates successful termination;

ExitFailure Int

indicates program failure with an exit code. The exact interpretation of the code is operating-system dependent. In particular, some values may be prohibited (e.g. 0 on a POSIX-compliant system).

const2 :: a -> b -> c -> a