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data Template
fromString :: String -> Template
readTemplate :: FilePath -> Hakyll Template
substitute :: String -> Template -> Context -> String
regularSubstitute :: Template -> Context -> String
finalSubstitute :: Template -> Context -> String
data Template Source
Datatype used for template substitutions.
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fromString :: String -> TemplateSource
Construct a Template from a string.
readTemplate :: FilePath -> Hakyll TemplateSource
Read a Template from a file. This function might fetch the Template from the cache, if available.
substitute :: String -> Template -> Context -> StringSource
Substitutes $identifiers in the given Template by values from the given Context. When a key is not found, it is left as it is. You can specify the characters used to replace escaped dollars ($$) here.
regularSubstitute :: Template -> Context -> StringSource
substitute for use during a chain. This will leave escaped characters as they are.
finalSubstitute :: Template -> Context -> StringSource
substitute for the end of a chain (just before writing). This renders escaped characters.
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