hakyll- A static website compiler library

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This module provides a declarative DSL in which the user can specify the different rules used to run the compilers.

The convention is to just list all items in the Rules monad, routes and compilation rules.

A typical usage example would be:

 main = hakyll $ do
     match "posts/*" $ do
         route   (setExtension "html")
         compile someCompiler
     match "css/*" $ do
         route   idRoute
         compile compressCssCompiler



data Rules a Source

The monad used to compose rules

compile :: (Binary a, Typeable a, Writable a) => Compiler (Item a) -> Rules ()Source

Add a compilation rule to the rules.

This instructs all resources to be compiled using the given compiler.

route :: Routes -> Rules ()Source

Add a route.

This adds a route for all items matching the current pattern.

Advanced usage

preprocess :: IO a -> Rules aSource

Execute an IO action immediately while the rules are being evaluated. This should be avoided if possible, but occasionally comes in useful.

rulesExtraDependencies :: [Dependency] -> Rules a -> Rules aSource

Advanced usage: add extra dependencies to compilers. Basically this is needed when you're doing unsafe tricky stuff in the rules monad, but you still want correct builds.

A useful utility for this purpose is makePatternDependency.