handa-gdata-0.6.5: Library and command-line utility for accessing Google services and APIs.

Safe HaskellNone



Synchronization of filesystem directories with Google Storage buckets.



type RegexExclusion = StringSource

A regular expression used for excluding files from synchronization.



:: ProjectId

The Google project ID.

-> StorageAcl

The pre-defined access control.

-> BucketName

The bucket name.

-> OAuth2Client

The OAuth 2.0 client information.

-> OAuth2Tokens

The OAuth 2.0 tokens.

-> FilePath

The directory to be synchronized.

-> [Recipient]

The recipients for GnuPG encryption of the uploaded files.

-> [RegexExclusion]

The regular expressions used for excluding files from synchronization.

-> Bool

Whether to write a file ".md5sum" of MD5 sums of synchronized files into the root directory.

-> Bool

Whether to delete keys from the bucket that do not correspond to files on the filesystem.

-> IO ()

The IO action for the synchronization.

Synchronize a filesystem directory with a Google Storage bucket.