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data Proxy t[aE33] = Proxy
dataType[aE34] :: DataType
constr[aE35] :: Constr
proxy :: t -> Proxy t
unProxy :: Proxy t -> t
asProxyType :: t -> Proxy t -> t
data Proxy t[aE33] Source
Proxy is empty and is used as a transport of a phantom type
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Typeable1 Proxy
(Data ctx t[aE33], Sat (ctx (Proxy t[aE33]))) => Data ctx (Proxy t[aE33])
Data t[aE33] => Data (Proxy t[aE33])
Read (Proxy t[aE33])
Show (Proxy t[aE33])
Default t[aE33] => Default (Proxy t[aE33])
Typeable a => Serialize (Proxy a)
Version (Proxy a)
dataType[aE34] :: DataTypeSource
constr[aE35] :: ConstrSource
proxy :: t -> Proxy tSource
Creates the Proxy with a type matching the argument
unProxy :: Proxy t -> tSource
Returns bottom
asProxyType :: t -> Proxy t -> tSource
Acts as id except for providing type restrictions
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