happstack-dlg-0.1: Cross-request user interactions for HappstackSource codeContentsIndex
escapeHtml :: String -> String
scaffold :: (Scaffolded a, Monad m) => String -> a -> Dlg m a
class Scaffolded a where
render :: String -> a -> String
parse :: Monad m => String -> ServerPartT m a
escapeHtml :: String -> StringSource
scaffold :: (Scaffolded a, Monad m) => String -> a -> Dlg m aSource
The scaffold function builds a user interaction to display and collect information. In a finished web application, this should generally be replaced with a better mechanism for rendering pages, such as a templating engine, XSLT, or something of the sort.
class Scaffolded a whereSource
The Scaffolded type class represents data that can be included in a form. To make it easy to compose several of these in a page, rendering and parsing are parameterized with prefix strings so that they may be made unique across a page.
render :: String -> a -> StringSource
parse :: Monad m => String -> ServerPartT m aSource
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