happstack-plugins-6.0.1: The haskell application server stack + reload




initPlugins :: IO PluginHandleSource

pretend to initialize the plugin system. This is provided so that you can easily switch between dynamic and static mode by only changing the imports via a CPP flag.

withServerPart :: Name -> ExpQSource

A template haskell wrapper around withServerPart_. Usage:

 $(withServerPart 'symbol) pluginHandle $ \a -> ...

withServerPart_ :: (MonadIO m, ServerMonad m, FilterMonad Response m, WebMonad Response m) => Name -> a -> PluginHandle -> (a -> m b) -> m bSource

a static version of Happstack.Server.Plugins.Dynamic.withServerPart_

This function has the same signature as its dynamic sibling, but it does not do any fancy dynamic loading. It simply applies the function to the supplied value.

This function exists so that you can that you can compile using dynamic plugins during development, but statically link the final build.

Use a CPP to select between the Dynamic and Static versions of this module.