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Portabilitynon-portable (requires extensions and non-portable libraries)

This module contains the server functionality of XML-RPC. The XML-RPC specifcation is available at http://www.xmlrpc.com/spec.

A simple CGI-based XML-RPC server application:

 import Network.XmlRpc.Server 

 add :: Int -> Int -> IO Int
 add x y = return (x + y)

 main = cgiXmlRpcServer [("examples.add", fun add)]
type XmlRpcMethod = (MethodCall -> ServerResult, Signature)
type ServerResult = Err IO MethodResponse
fun :: XmlRpcFun a => a -> XmlRpcMethod
handleCall :: (MethodCall -> ServerResult) -> String -> IO String
methods :: [(String, XmlRpcMethod)] -> MethodCall -> ServerResult
cgiXmlRpcServer :: [(String, XmlRpcMethod)] -> IO ()
type XmlRpcMethod = (MethodCall -> ServerResult, Signature)Source
The type of XML-RPC methods on the server.
type ServerResult = Err IO MethodResponseSource
fun :: XmlRpcFun a => a -> XmlRpcMethodSource
Turns any function (XmlRpcType t1, ..., XmlRpcType tn, XmlRpcType r) => t1 -> ... -> tn -> IO r into an XmlRpcMethod
handleCall :: (MethodCall -> ServerResult) -> String -> IO StringSource
Reads a method call from a string, uses the supplied method to generate a response and returns that response as a string
methods :: [(String, XmlRpcMethod)] -> MethodCall -> ServerResultSource
An XmlRpcMethod that looks up the method name in a table and uses that method to handle the call.
cgiXmlRpcServer :: [(String, XmlRpcMethod)] -> IO ()Source
A CGI-based XML-RPC server. Reads a request from standard input and writes some HTTP headers (Content-Type and Content-Length), followed by the response to standard output. Supports introspection.
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