hdf-0.14: Haskell data flow library for audio processing

Safe HaskellNone



Elementary dot.



ty_colour :: Maybe TypeRep -> StringSource

Map from TypeRep to colour name.

 map (ty_colour . Just) [int32_t,float_t] == ["orange","blue"]

w_bracket :: a -> a -> [a] -> [a]Source

Left & right bracket.

 w_bracket '(' ')' "parentheses" == "(parentheses)"

dot_attr :: [(String, String)] -> StringSource

Dot notation for key,value attributes.

dot_rec :: Id -> String -> [Either Int K] -> Maybe TypeRep -> StringSource

Dot node as record. Constant values are drawn directly into input ports. The nm String has the df_ prefix removed for printing.

 dot_rec 0 "nm" [] (Just float_t)

dot_rec_ar :: Int -> [Either Int K]Source

Make arguments input for dot_rec from arity.

dot_rec' :: Id -> String -> [Either Int K] -> TypeRep -> StringSource

Variant where nil_t indicates no output.