hemokit-0.6.6: Haskell port of the Emokit EEG project

Safe HaskellNone



Some convenience for building applications that want to read Emotiv data.

You can use this if you are writing an EEG application and don't want to do the whole device selection / opening yourself.



data EmotivArgs Source

Commonly used options for EEG command line applications. Mainly deals with input selection.




model :: EmotivModel

What model to use for decryption.

serial :: Maybe SerialNumber

What serial to use for decryption. Also allows to pick a certain device.

fromFile :: Maybe FilePath

Use the given device or dump file for input. If not given, HIDAPI is used.

emotivArgsParser :: Parser EmotivArgs Source

Command line parser for EEG selection. See EmotivArgs.

parseModel :: Monad m => String -> m EmotivModel Source

EEG model command line parser.

parseArgs :: String -> Parser a -> IO a Source

Runs a command line parser. The given program description is used for the --help message.

getEmotivDeviceFromArgs :: EmotivArgs -> IO (Either String EmotivDevice) Source

Depending on some common EEG-choice-related user input, list devices or try to open the correct device.