hledger-0.12.1: A command-line (or curses or web-based) double-entry accounting tool.



Convert account data in CSV format (eg downloaded from a bank) to journal format, and print it on stdout. See the manual for more details.



data CsvRules Source

A set of data definitions and account-matching patterns sufficient to convert a particular CSV data file into meaningful journal transactions. See above.


convert :: [Opt] -> [String] -> Journal -> IO ()Source

Read the CSV file named as an argument and print equivalent journal transactions, using/creating a .rules file.

maxFieldIndex :: CsvRules -> IntSource

The highest (0-based) field index referenced in the field definitions, or -1 if no fields are defined.

definitions :: GenParser Char CsvRules ()Source

Real independent parser choice, even when alternative matches share a prefix.

normaliseDate :: String -> StringSource

Convert some date string with unknown format to YYYYMMDD.

identify :: [AccountRule] -> String -> String -> (String, String)Source

Apply account matching rules to a transaction description to obtain the most appropriate account and a new description.