hledger-0.12.1: A command-line (or curses or web-based) double-entry accounting tool.



A ledger-compatible register command.



type RegisterReport = [RegisterReportItem]Source

A register report is a list of postings to an account or set of accounts, with a running total. Postings may be actual postings, or virtual postings aggregated over a reporting interval.

type RegisterReportItem = (Maybe (Day, String), Posting, MixedAmount)Source

The data for a single register report line item, representing one posting.

register :: [Opt] -> [String] -> Journal -> IO ()Source

Print a register report.

registerReport :: [Opt] -> FilterSpec -> Journal -> RegisterReportSource

Get a register report with the specified options for this journal.

registerReportAsText :: [Opt] -> RegisterReport -> StringSource

Render a register report as plain text suitable for console output.