hledger-1.13: Command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool

Safe HaskellNone



A history-aware add command to help with data entry. |



add :: CliOpts -> Journal -> IO () Source #

Read multiple transactions from the console, prompting for each field, and append them to the journal file. If the journal came from stdin, this command has no effect.

appendToJournalFileOrStdout :: FilePath -> String -> IO () Source #

Append a string, typically one or more transactions, to a journal file, or if the file is "-", dump it to stdout. Tries to avoid excess whitespace.

journalAddTransaction :: Journal -> CliOpts -> Transaction -> IO Journal Source #

Append this transaction to the journal's file and transaction list.

transactionsSimilarTo :: Journal -> Query -> Text -> [(Double, Transaction)] Source #

Find the most similar and recent transactions matching the given transaction description and report query. Transactions are listed with their "relevancy" score, most relevant first.