hledger-lib-1.0: Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools

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Multi-column balance reports, used by the balance command.



newtype MultiBalanceReport Source #

A multi balance report is a balance report with one or more columns. It has:

  1. a list of each column's period (date span)
  2. a list of row items, each containing:
  • the full account name
  • the leaf account name
  • the account's depth
  • the amounts to show in each column
  • the total of the row's amounts
  • the average of the row's amounts
  1. the column totals and the overall total and average

The meaning of the amounts depends on the type of multi balance report, of which there are three: periodic, cumulative and historical (see BalanceType and Hledger.Cli.Balance).


MultiBalanceReport ([DateSpan], [MultiBalanceReportRow], MultiBalanceReportTotals) 

multiBalanceReport :: ReportOpts -> Query -> Journal -> MultiBalanceReport Source #

Generate a multicolumn balance report for the matched accounts, showing the change of balance, accumulated balance, or historical balance in each of the specified periods.

multiBalanceReportValue :: Journal -> Day -> MultiBalanceReport -> MultiBalanceReport Source #

Convert all the amounts in a multi-column balance report to their value on the given date in their default valuation commodities (which are determined as of that date, not the report interval dates).

singleBalanceReport :: ReportOpts -> Query -> Journal -> BalanceReport Source #

Generates a single column BalanceReport like balanceReport, but uses multiBalanceReport, so supports --historical. Does not support boring parent eliding yet.