hmeap-0.6: Haskell Meapsoft Parser



A data representation of, and parser for, MEAPsoft analysis frames.



data Frame Source

The data type representing an analysis frame.




onset_time :: Double

Onset time of frame (seconds).

duration :: Double

Duration of frame (seconds).

avg_mel_spec :: [Double]

Mean spectrum converted to the perceptually weighted Mel frequency scale.

avg_chroma :: [Double]

Vector of energy distribution across each semitone of the octave.

avg_chunk_power :: Double

Average power.

avg_chroma_scalar :: Double

Dominant semitone within the octave.

avg_freq_simple :: Double

A frequency estimation.

avg_mfcc :: [Double]

Mean MFCCs, a commonly used feature in speech recognition.

avg_pitch_simple :: Double

Pitch estimation.

avg_spec_centroid :: Double

Average spectral center of mass of the frame.

avg_spec_flatness :: Double

Measure of flatness of the average spectrum.

avg_spec :: [Double]

Mean spectrum.

chunk_length :: Double

Length of analysis frame (sample frames).

chunk_start_time :: Double

Start time of analysis frame (sample frames).

spectral_stability :: Double

The stability of the spectral energy. More spectrally stable frames are more likely to be pitched material.

raw_data :: (Double, Double, [[Double]])


type Segment = (Double, Double)Source

A segment is a pair (onset_time, duration).

features :: [(String, Int)]Source

As association list indicating the number of data values associated with each feature type.

read_file :: FilePath -> IO [Frame]Source

Read a MEAPsoft analysis file.

segments :: [Frame] -> [Segment]Source

Extract frame timing information.