hmt-0.14: Haskell Music Theory

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RQ values with tie right qualifier.



type Tied_Right = BoolSource


type RQ_T = (RQ, Tied_Right)Source

RQ with tie right.

rqt :: Tied_Right -> RQ -> RQ_TSource

Construct RQ_T.

rqt_rq :: RQ_T -> RQSource

RQ field of RQ_T.

rqt_tied :: RQ_T -> Tied_RightSource

Tied field of RQ_T.

is_tied_right :: RQ_T -> BoolSource

Is RQ_T tied right.

rqt_un_tuplet :: (Integer, Integer) -> RQ_T -> RQ_TSource

RQ_T variant of rq_un_tuplet.

 rqt_un_tuplet (3,2) (1,T) == (3/2,T)
 let f = rqt_un_tuplet (7,4)
 in map f [(2/7,F),(4/7,T),(1/7,F)] == [(1/2,F),(1,T),(1/4,F)]

rq_rqt :: RQ -> RQ_TSource

Transform RQ to untied RQ_T.

 rq_rqt 3 == (3,F)

rq_tie_last :: [RQ] -> [RQ_T]Source

Tie last element only of list of RQ.

 rq_tie_last [1,2,3] == [(1,F),(2,F),(3,T)]

rqt_to_duration_a :: Bool -> [RQ_T] -> [Duration_A]Source

Transform a list of RQ_T to a list of Duration_A. The flag indicates if the initial value is tied left.

 rqt_to_duration_a False [(1,T),(1/4,T),(3/4,F)]

rqt_to_cmn :: RQ_T -> Maybe (RQ_T, RQ_T)Source

RQ_T variant of rq_to_cmn.

 rqt_to_cmn (5,T) == Just ((4,T),(1,T))
 rqt_to_cmn (5/4,T) == Just ((1,T),(1/4,T))
 rqt_to_cmn (5/7,F) == Just ((4/7,T),(1/7,F))

rqt_to_cmn_l :: RQ_T -> [RQ_T]Source

List variant of rqt_to_cmn.

 rqt_to_cmn_l (5,T) == [(4,T),(1,T)]

rqt_set_to_cmn :: [RQ_T] -> [RQ_T]Source

concatMap rqt_to_cmn_l.

 rqt_set_to_cmn [(1,T),(5/4,F)] == [(1,T),(1,T),(1/4,F)]
 rqt_set_to_cmn [(1/5,True),(1/20,False),(1/2,False),(1/4,True)]