hmt-0.16: Haskell Music Theory

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Functions to load a tuning definition and transform it into a sparse tuning function.



load_cps_tbl :: FilePath -> IO [(Int, Double)] Source #

Load possibly sparse and possibly one-to-many (midi-note-number,cps-frequency) table from CSV file.

load_cps_tbl "/home/rohan/dr.csv"

load_tuning_scl :: String -> IO Tuning Source #

Load scala scl file as Tuning.

load_tuning_tbl :: (String, Double, Int) -> IO Sparse_Midi_Tuning_F Source #

Lookup first matching element in table.

type Choose_f st t = [t] -> st -> (t, st) Source #

default_choose_f :: RandomGen g => Choose_f g t Source #

Randomly choose from elements in table, equal weighting.

load_tuning_tbl_st :: Choose_f st (Int, Double) -> (String, Double, Int) -> IO (Sparse_Midi_Tuning_ST_F st) Source #

Load tuning table with stateful selection function for one-to-many entries.