holy-project- Start your Haskell project with cabal, git and tests.

Safe HaskellNone




data Project Source

Record containing all information to initialize a project

holyError :: String -> IO ()Source

Randomly choose an end scenario and then show a "serious" error message

ioassert :: Bool -> String -> IO ()Source

Assert something true. In any other case show the holy error

holyStarter :: IO ()Source

Ask, questions and create the initial project

getCurrentYear :: IO StringSource

 Simply return the current year as String

intro :: IO ()Source

Show an introduction test

end :: IO ()Source

Show the final dialog



:: MuContext IO

hastache context

-> String

Data file name (without 'scaffold/' see in .cabal)

-> FilePath

The destination file path

-> IO () 

This function use a Data file mustache template and a hastache context to write a destination file

createProject :: Project -> IO ()Source

This function is where we create the project once the question are answered