hoogle-5.0.8: Haskell API Search

Safe HaskellNone



High level Hoogle API



data Database Source

Database containing Hoogle search data.

withDatabase :: NFData a => FilePath -> (Database -> IO a) -> IO a Source

Load a database from a file.

searchDatabase :: Database -> String -> [Target] Source

Search a database, given a query string, produces a list of results.

data Target Source

A location of documentation.




targetURL :: URL

URL where this thing is located

targetPackage :: Maybe (String, URL)

Name and URL of the package it is in (Nothing if it is a package)

targetModule :: Maybe (String, URL)

Name and URL of the module it is in (Nothing if it is a package or module)

targetType :: String

One of package, module or empty string

targetItem :: String

HTML span of the item, using 0 for the name and 1 onwards for arguments

targetDocs :: String

HTML documentation to show, a sequence of block level elements

type URL = String Source

A URL, complete with a https: prefix.

hoogle :: [String] -> IO () Source

Run a command line Hoogle operation.