hosc-0.4: Haskell Open Sound Control




type UTC = DoubleSource

UTC time is represented as a real number.

type NTP = IntegerSource

NTP time is represented as an integer.

ntpr_ntp :: Double -> NTPSource

Convert a real-valued NTP timestamp to an NTP timestamp.

utc_ntp :: UTC -> NTPSource

Convert UTC timestamp to NTP timestamp.

utc_base :: UTCTimeSource

The time at 1970-01-01:00:00:00.

utc :: IO UTCSource

Read current UTC timestamp.

ntp :: IO NTPSource

Read current NTP timestamp.

pause :: Double -> IO ()Source

Pause current thread for the indicated duration, given in seconds.

pauseUntil :: UTC -> IO ()Source

Pause current thread until the given utc time.